The truth is, I can never focus on studying whenever I am here at my room. I should be at a cafe, McDonald’s or the library for me to able to mentally absorb all the things I need to learn. I have a Taxation Law 1 class later and Corporate Law class tomorrow but I haven’t started anything yet. It was raining so damn hard this afternoon, same as yesterday, because of the typhoon and that’s a big factor on my current indolence. I am still contemplating if I should go attend my classes later or not.

Another reason, I think, why I am starting to lose interest on my books is because of the Holiday break. It actually happens every time, from summer vacation to long weekends to semestral breaks. The feeling of excitement to finally relax and recover the hours of sleep I lost from studying is prevailing over the worries of not studying.

Although I love studying law, I still need that “chill” moments which happens to be absent since I entered law school. I am planning to adjust my schedule to accommodate travelling as a distress reducer starting next year. Well, that’s the plan. I just hope I can actually make it happen.


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