OOTD: Struggle


I know that outfit posts and law school rants are not supposed to be put in one post ’cause pretty pictures and depression just don’t go together. I just can’t help it. Law school is not a walk in a lovely park. You have to study eight different subjects with another set of laws as sub-subjects for every semester. The readings does not stop on the books because the professors will give you additional 20+ cases to read. Every case are up to 1-3 pages minimum and 10-13 pages maximum. Sleeping more than 7 hours creates this guilt that nags you until the next day. That ‘you-could-have-read-more-pages-if-you-woke-up-earlier’.



Sometimes I want to give up but my mind tells me to stop being a weakling and just ‘push through’. Thankfully, I can divert my stress to other things like blogging or hanging out with friends.


thrifted top/ American Apparel skirt / Estee Lauder gold pouch / S&H sandals / Casio vintage watch



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