TRAVEL DIARY: Mt. Daraitan x Tinipak River | Tanay, Rizal


Mountaineering is one of the trending activities nowadays. Some people on social media had gone through a lot of this activities and it makes me wonder what beauty will I see there. When my friends in law school invited me in one of their climbs, I was hesitant at first because I have acrophobia (fear of heights) and I’m more of a beach person.

But I still went with them anyways, trying something for the first time ain’t bad I guess. πŸ™‚


With LS friends


We had to hire a tour guide before going up. This isΒ compulsory for safety purposes.


Halfway the long trail before reaching the summit.

We were advised to take the long trail because the short trail is too slippery and steep given that it rained the night before our trip.


Our guide pointed out that the summit is that on the photo. We were relieved and thought were almost there but, boy, were so wrong.


The view of the neighboring mountains. *sigh


Almost there! Huff! Huff!



Mandatory “we’ve reached the top” group photo


View from the summit


The heart-shaped river of Tanay πŸ™‚


Another part of this trip is going inside the Tinipak Cave situated at the foot(?) of the mountain.


Inside the cave is a small pool. We haven’t captured good pictures inside since going in required all our remaining energy. There’s no source of light inside except our flashlights.


Tinipak River at its finest (and whitest)



Last squad photo before going home.



Still an awesome sight even on the way home.

Our estimated expenses per head was P500 – P600:

P70 van from Starmall to Tanay

P500Β for the tricycle to Brgy. Daraitan

P20 per head paid at the Barangay Hall for the Environment fee

P500 for the tour guide

P20 per head at the Tinipak River

P5 for the Indigenous Group as donation before entering the Tinipak Cave

Another P500 for the tricycle back to Tanay proper

P70 going back to the city πŸ˜€

The body pains and leg numbness is all worth it for this trip. Not bad for my first mountain experience. Its beyond good, actually! And a nice way to officially start my summer vacation!


3 thoughts on “TRAVEL DIARY: Mt. Daraitan x Tinipak River | Tanay, Rizal

  1. Very nice! so many places I haven’t been in my birth Country. Good that I got to see and read it on WP. πŸ™‚ That is expensive trip using a tricycle? It must be that far to charged that.


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