TRAVEL DIARY: Lussok Cave | Apayao

Last May, I told one of my friends that I have few days left before going back to uni. He asked me what I want to do or where I want to go so that we can spend the rest of my summer break doing something memorable. That’s when we thought of going to Lussok Cave in a nearby province called Apayao. We immediately texted our other friends and that started our getaway.


To get inside the cave, a fee must be paid in the entrance inclusive of the tour guide, boat ride, life vest and helmet for safety measures.

Lussok Cave is situated in Apayao. The place is not that yet known to many but a lot of people who visit the place are from nearby towns and cities.



The tour inside the cave was actually nice, the tour guide was funny and it didn’t feel unsafe at all.


Lussok means hole (according to my friends, lol) and I’m guessing this is the reason why.


There’s spelunking and rappelling activities inside the cave. We were guided by two tour guides as a protocol. The depth and height of the rock we were climbing was nerve wrecking but as long as you think about the goal to finish the adventure, you’ll be fine.


Outside the cave on the way back to the cottage.



After the almost two hours of hardcore climbing inside the cave, we thought the best way to refresh ourselves was to swim in the river.


To picture our experience in Lussok Cave, you can watch the video above. 🙂





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