Walk with me: MOA


Before I let my last post reach its month-sary, I should probably update this blog. Even after long weeks of not posting, I’ve notice that my number of followers is slowly increasing which should inspire me to keep on writing, right? Hmm. I’ll post anyway.

Last June before the start of classes, I was with my cousins from Australia. Let’s say I was their tour guide for the week, which was unnecessary considering the fact that we just stayed at Sea Residences and Mall of Asia most of the time.


Unfortunately, the only thing I can share with you are photos I took while wandering around the area. But behold, ’cause I got a story to tell! I’ve been living here in Manila for the last three years and riding the ferris wheel in MOA was a part of my bucket list. I just checked that one last month and it was so cool at the top. The city lights. The fear of heights. The probability of accident ha-ha. The point is.. it was beautiful (You probably realized that there’s really no story to tell).



Church near SMX Convention

By the way, a lot of events were happening on SMX Convention Center and MOA Arena that week. There’s the CFC 35th Anniversary Celebration and Convention, ToyCon (not sure on what the event is called) and Manila Majors 2016 *I really wanted to go on the latter but weekend tickets were sold out 😦



Also, I just had to do this the last minute..



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