Uni Strolling



So what has been happening lately?

1. Next week is hell week aka midterm exams aka the sleepless nights shall become zombie nights. I enrolled less subjects this semester but that did not lessen the time and effort for me to study.




2. Last week, I spent three  (3) full days to prepare our performance for the College Night. We won the competition which was not really expected since we just wanted to have fun and play. Drinks and a lot of bar hopping happened thereafter. To cut the story short, I spent three days in bed recovering from a night of partying accompanied with fever, chills, cough and colds. Skipped Monday class and now its all good. Lesson learned: NEVER GET SICK ‘CAUSE RECITS ARE MORE IMPORTANT.


3. Dean is here for a Manila promo tour and I can’t watch the show because, ‘Hello, Civil Procedure.”


4. Lastly, we took these photos this afternoon when I swung by the school to get some stuff in the college. For the first time, I had the chance to actually look into the other side of the school. 😂


American Apparel skirt / thrifted top / Forever 21 bag / Brash sandals / Forever 21 necklace / casio watch

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