10 Hours in Baguio


Mines View Park

Finally, I had mustered all my remaining energy to write this post, which is not that entertaining in the first place. Before the formal classes started this semester, I went to Baguio City and tried to compress all possible spots to go to in less than a day. We were supposed to ride the Victory Liner but unfortunately, all trips were fully booked that day so we had to find a different bus line. We rode the Joy Bus along EDSA Cubao. The fare was a little bit higher compared to Victory Liner but the travel was comfortable so it might be worth it (thankful for the big leg room).


Baguio Cathedral

We left Manila at 4:30 AM and arrived at Baguio by 9 AM. Our first stop was the Baguio Cathedral. After praying (pray talaga?), we spotted a Strawberry Taho vendor and wouldn’t want to miss the famous chuck.

Near the cathedral is the Zola Cafe, a place recommended by a friend. Baguio is said to be strict in the implementation of their Anti-Smoking ordinance especially in public so when we arrived at the cafe, my companion was relieved that the place has a smoking area. We ordered pancakes and coffee (which is unlimited until 11 AM).
After the so-called brunch, we went to Burnham Park which is approximately a 5-minute walk from Zola cafe, ata πŸ˜‚.
We didn’t get to try the boats but we rented bikes for 30 minutes.
After tiring ourselves from biking under the 12 noon Sun (parang tanning na rin), we went to Good Taste for late lunch and ate buttered chicken which was a lot for us two. Subsequently, we found our way to Mines View Park and coincidentally met a sorority sister in the jeep (liit ng Baguio, sis).






There were a lot of tourist in the site so it was really hard to find a good spot to take good photos. We spent a few good minutes and went to the souvenir area to buy whatever that interest our weird hearts (charot) or mind. I bought a cactus for my desk table (and I haven’t sprinkled some water into it ever since πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š).


The last leg of our trip was Camp John Hay. The place was nice to just set up a tent, camp and chill but unfortunately, the only thing we can do is find a bench and chill 😁. Before going home, we stopped by in their market place to buy souvenirs shirts and their famous take home food specialties like ube jam, peanut brittle and lengua de chorva.

AND that’s how I spent my day in Baguio City of Pines. I should’ve looked for pine trees though.


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