Experiencing Manila Masters 2017 #GGWP



Let’s say I’m no good in playing DOTA2, but that didn’t stop me from watching my first live DOTA2 tournament experience at Mall of Asia last month especially when Ely decided to buy me Lower Rank Manila Masters tickets as a birthday gift. My familiarity with the teams and players are not that vast but the hype from the crowd was contagious that it gets you to cheer the teams, from the mere hero escapes from ganks, to clashes and even Aegis steals (commend Suma1l, hail Suma1l)!


I had a class the night before the first day and as usual, I woke up late so we didn’t get to watch the first game. The nice thing about the event was, in between games, there were activities being held at the Mineski Booth. Also, a Secret Shop is situated outside the gates to enable non-ticket holders to purchase merchandise. They also gave freebies to Mineski members with free photo booth session plus chances to win lot of items (WE WON A MINESKI HEADSET)!


Mineski Booth


In between team matches, there was also these segments engaging the casters, players and audience, which was totally awesome and fun ’cause we get to see the other side of the players aside from playing DOTA2. For Day 1 was the BATTLE OF THE RAGES where contestants from the audience would show their best rage while playing the game, and that would include wrecking the PC! (see video below)

Day 2 was the I LIE DIE segment. The contestants, Caster Merlini, Host Slacks and Faceless’ Black have to act a drama scene where their partner, someone they chose from the audience, would be on his deathbed. And take note that their lines must be in Filipino. Black won that challenge and his partner took home a Mineski gaming chair, like Sir, your so lucky! (see video below)

That same day, we had our dinner while waiting for the next match at Dennis The Grill Boy, and Oh Boy, the casters/panelist Merlini, Jack and GrandGrant were there too! On the next table! Eating their dinner! Beside us! Of course, I asked for photos with them.


Before that, we also managed to take photos with Slacks at the Mineski Booth after the Pinoy Henyo DOTA2 version (that game was hilarious!)



For the third day, Team OG conducted a photo and signing session with the fans but the Mineski Events Team were so unorganized that I gave up the chance. Imagine being one of the first 50 fans for the fan meet but M.E.T. decided to organize another line and have ours dispersed! Someone posted a thread about it here.


Team OG  minus S4

On the last day, there was a Cosplay Competition. I was rooting for Earth Spirit, Clockwerk and Timber for top 3 but Techies got in. (see video below)


I was rooting for Evil Geniuses for the Finals and yep, THEY WON!!

Hail Suma1l! Hail Suma1l!

Who would have thought that Zai would say the P-word on the interview! Everyone lost their minds even the host, Eri Neeman! I just read later on Twitter that Zai thought P*******a means “Thank you” in Filipino. (Let us thank troll IceIceIce for that).

Everyone was chanting “EG! EG! EG!” even after the event. We actually waited for them at the backstage exit.


Who would forget the cheers for Faceless’ IceIceIce every time the camera Zooms in on his face? The Bristleback plays of NP’s Eternal Envy? OG.ana’s Invoker play? Evil Geniuses’ win that lasted for more than 60 minutes? And the very extra Puppey Jr. who claims that his father is Secret’s Puppey?


There were no… well, there were little disappointments for my first live tournament experience as an audience such as: 1) the M.E.T. crew sitting at any vacant seat they see just to watch (the tickets has seat designations but when we arrived at the arena, some M.E.T. staff were already occupying our seats. That happens every time we go outside to buy food and drinks),  2) the missed chance of meeting OG and lastly, 3) Clutch Gamers. I’ll just let out a big sigh on the last one.

But overall, it was a great experience! Next Manila Masters, ulit! #GGWP


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