The Struggles of a Working Student

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I’ve always thought that taking up Law would lead me to a lifestyle similar to what I’ve had experience in undergraduate school. Back then, I can wake up late and not worry on what I have studied until an hour before the actual class. Well…. scratch that. I only study a night before the long exams. Every time our schedule permits, which was most of the time, we head straight to Goro’s – a bar near our school. I can even insert Tae Kwon Do training schedules thrice a week. Sometimes, I stayed at the city’s public Tennis Park and watched people skate everyday. Continue reading “The Struggles of a Working Student”


What it feels like to be living alone 14 hours away from your hometown


My baby brother sent me these photos this morning. The sunflowers in our front yard are blooming while the old wooden fence were already painted white. It made me home sick and miss my family even more.

Living in the city and away from home is not easy. Aside from the environment and cultural differences, there Continue reading “What it feels like to be living alone 14 hours away from your hometown”